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Broadway Taking a Broad View

Broadway Taking a Broad View

We are a group of people within the congregation who are interested in supporting the goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions. As a discussion group, we work with resources developed within faith communities and expand our knowledge through books, articles, webinars and engaging with other resources for greater justice through learning and dialogue.

A sample of some of the connections we’ve made and resources we’re using are:

  • Broadview Magazine: https://broadview.org

    • Affiliated with the United Church of Canada, Broadview magazine is committed to highlighting stories about spirituality, justice, and ethical living.

  • Books:

    • On Fire �" The Burning Case for a Green New Deal �" by Naomi Klein

    • A Good War �" Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency �" by Seth Klein

We meet via Zoom every second Thursday at 2:30 pm. Please join us via the following link:


A sample of some of the connections we’ve made and resources we’re using are:

We need to talk -- all of us -- about climate.
What better place to open up this vital conversation than within our own circles of faith?

"For the Love of Creation" invites faith communities across Canada to come together to reflect, listen, share, and advocate for climate justice.

Here in Saskatchewan, the listening part will be crucial, and for that, FLC offers three discussion guides for small groups. Join us to explore the first guide, “Creation, Climate and You,” and get ready to use these guides in your own community. Our evening together will follow the guide’s agenda, including breakout rooms for the discussion portions so we can experience the small-group format. We’ll conclude with a sharing time where you can exchange ideas and inspiration to help you launch your own “Faithful Climate Conversations.”

Presented by KAIROS Regina. For further info, contact Laura Stewart at arcolaura@gmail.com

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